In 2017, T.K.S.S. Limited is currently serving close to 1,000 destitute children who are either orphaned, single-parented, abandoned and/or under-privileged ethnic minority children living in Rongjiang, Congjiang, Leishan Counties of Southeastern Prefecture and Sandu County of Southern Prefecture in Guizhou Province, China.

T.K.S.S. works on a wide range of charity projects among the various ethnic minority populations, such as the Miao, Dong, Shui, Yao, Tujia and Zhuang groups in the mountain areas of Guizhou’s Southern & South-eastern Prefectures.

Being a small scale NGO based in one of the poorest regions of China, it’s flexible and responsive management in combination with years of in-depth local knowledge has earned T.K.S.S. a solid local and nation-wide reputation.

The organization assesses and provides relief to the needs of the most destitute, according to available funds, regardless of distances, communication and geographical barriers.

Our charity projects do not only serve as a Provider of essential commodities such as clothing, daily necessities and cash, but tries to go beyond and establish more lasting channels like transfer of knowledge and seriously attempts to introduce an adaptation of mentality towards a rapidly modernising society, in a pursuit that those locals to be responsible in the future can be capable players in modern Chinese society.